Backyard Concert: Soph & Gabe

Come one, come all to a friendly and fun backyard music show co hosted by Hayley, Max and friends in a San Rafael backyard. Bring a blanket or chair to sit in! Gabriel Wheaton and Sophie Ruehr combine jazz and folk, with influences ranging from 60s acoustic singer-songwriter to Grappelli-style hot club jazz and bossa nova. Sophie's smooth voice and nylon guitar are accompanied by a lush, cinematic swell of strings from Gabriel's looped violin. Soph & Gabe are excited to release "Sleeping Through Paradise" which is their first recorded project after playing together for one year. You can find it wherever you normally find music online, and can find upcoming shows by visiting instagram.com/soph.n.gabe Saturday, June 3rd, 3pm. Backyard in San Rafael- text 415-450-0774 for address. Feel free to invite friends to join the fun. Donations welcomed - 100% go to support the musicians.